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Collaborating is a highlight of Eliza’s career.

In 2004, she spent several months in Cameroon working on an AIDS Awareness project through music, drama and poetry - garnering over 100 local children, supplying over 80 instruments and encouraging wonderful creativity within the local community. She has also worked in Kenya, coached on NSSO, for Fantasia Music School and is looking forward to working alongside Catrin Finch, Lucy Crowe and Nicholas Ellie as Aberystwyth MusicFest 2023.

Phil Beer, Eliza Marshall and Graeme Armstrong

Eliza has curated concerts at The Bhavan Centre in London, with musicians from Britten Sinfonia, sitar Guru Sanjay Guha, co-produced documentaries to include the likes of Virginia McKenna, and created the platform Freedom To Roam. She has toured all over India with Amjad Ali-Khan, worked with African percussionist Ady Thioune, Kora player Jabel Kanuteh and performed with


In 2021 she was selected as an ambassador for Global Music Match as part of The English Folk Expo, where she worked with a variety of artists from around the globe, including Grammy Award-Winning violinist Lena Jonsson, Canadian singer-songwriter Stephen Fearing, and performed with The Lunatraktors, Chris Cleverley and Dan Whitehouse.

Global Music Match 2021

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